“It is rare to rub elbows with a high quality visionary leader on a weekly basis in this world. By joining the Michael Swindell Coaching Cohort I was able to do just that. The process and design of this coaching is so well thought out, so clearly articulated and executed with such purpose that it gave me a roadmap for connecting with God to gain clarity for my purpose and how I have been designed. I would recommend this coaching to anyone leading a company, ministry or family. You simply cannot afford to go through life without knowing why and how God has designed you.”
— Aaron Mason, Director of Expansion, Next Door Photos

What is the Divine Design Process?

It is the foundational process that MSC employs to maximize Christian leaders' joy in God by helping them clarify their unique identity and personal life mission. This process walks a Christian leader through a process of understanding what makes up their core identity and how this translates to their core life mission. 

Every leader, at some point, asks the question: Who am I? Or, What am I designed to do? This is the process that is designed to give you maximum levels of clarity around these types of questions. 

There are moments that we experience fullness and joy in our day-in, day-out job, or we might imagine the fullness and joy we could be experiencing if we just had that perfect job. The reality is that this alignment between ourselves and our daily lives is not limited by our circumstances or specific job. The divine design process helped me clarify how to create this alignment.
— Joe, Montana

What is the pay-off of MSC's Divine Design Process?

Ultimately, it is allowing you to experience maximum joy in God. MSC believes that your maximum joy in God is fueled by an alignment of your God-given unique identity with your God-given life mission. When you know how God has made you, you will better discern what God made you to do, and this leads to greater joyfulness in your life. What Christian leader isn't more joyful when their identity and mission are aligned to give God the greatest glory?

The Divine design cohort that I completed with Michael Swindell was a unique process. It allowed me to unravel my past, analyze where I am right now, and give me the knowledge and tools to move forward to where I want to go. This process was not only helpful for me but also very enlightening.
— Ken Unger, Applications Analyst, Southeast Michigan

How does the Divine Design Process work?

When you sign up for any of MSC's bundles, you have the opportunity to begin working through this process. It is the hope that most MSC clients will complete this process. Or, you can simply choose the DDP Option from the get-go to work exclusively through this foundational process.

How do I know I've finished the process?

There are 12 specific elements to the completed process. These elements are the content to your MSC Personal Constitution. 

What is the MSC Personal Constitution?

The MSC Personal Constitution is the digital packet that you will put together throughout the Divine Design Process. This packet currently contains 12 elements.

Those elements are:

  1. Your Keynote Autobiography Worksheet ("chapter-izing" and reflecting on your story)

  2. Your Covenant Relationships

  3. Your Core Values and Value Commitments

  4. Your Core Burdens

  5. Your Divine Design Statement

  6. Your Primary Task Statement

  7. Your Personal Mission Statement

  8. Your Top 3-5 Strengths

  9. Your Bottom 3-5 Weaknesses

  10. Your compilation of personality profiles

  11. Your declaration of intent to glorify God in all you are and do

  12. Your Divine Design Declarations

What does the Divine Design Process cost?

Currently, the financial investment of this process varies as to whether you are going to accomplish this in one of the three options available. The highest investment is a weekly, one-on-one meeting for 15 weeks. You can save on your investment by completing the process with an additional "teammate." Or, you can decrease the investment further by participating in a cohort of 3-8 members. 

What if it takes less than 15, one-hour meetings to create my Personal Constitution?

 As an added benefit, any meetings you do not use for the Divine Design Process can be completed as a part of an on-going process to help you live your unique mission. For example, if it only takes you 10 meetings to create your Personal Constitution, you effectively also have a FREE 5-meeting bundle to be coached so that you can begin to implement what you have learned about who you are and what you are built to do. That would be a HUGE cost benefit to you. It's meant to be. MSC believes that the greatest benefit to your long-term joy is found by laying a foundation through the Divine Design Process.

What if you need more than 15, one-hour meetings to create your Personal Constitution?

MSC will do all that it can to help you complete your Personal Constitution within 15 meetings and a 6-month time period. However, this is your process. You must put in the time, energy and prayer to complete it. If you are unable to complete the process in 15 meetings, you can purchase any of the available coaching bundles at $50 off or begin a coaching relationship at a per-meeting rate. The per-meeting rate is higher than the bundles rates are, but gives you the flexibility to meet when you want and as often or little as you want. 

If I want to start the Divine Design Process, do I get to start the Divine Design Process?

Not necessarily. Just like in the coaching bundles, a pre-coaching interview of about 30 minutes is required to make sure that your desire to be coached and my coaching abilities are a great match. There are some people who want coaching, but need counseling. Others want coaching, but need a different type than I offer. And still others may have sufficient theological differences that would make a Christ-centered, Bible-based coaching relationship impossible. It is my hope that both you and I enter into any professional relationship with confidence that we can succeed.

Its not what you are doing, its how you are doing it. We all have a God given design that we are to employ in any vocation. Once we realize its not about our current “job”, but about glorifying God by using our God-given design, we are free to delight in Him no matter where our vocation takes us. I was first apprehensive about allowing Michael and the cohort into my life. Yet, after 15 weeks I am thankful for the clarification and knowledge I was able to ascertain from this experience. As coach, Michael not only walked us through the steps of how to delight in the Lord always, but also why learning what we are designed to do allowed us the freedom to work within any vocation.
— Troy Smith, Michigan
Find out more by emailing me at michaelswindellcoaching@gmail.com

Find out more by emailing me at michaelswindellcoaching@gmail.com