This is my "slightly confused and not sure what to do" look. I want answers! Just like you. Which is why I have this page.

This is my "slightly confused and not sure what to do" look. I want answers! Just like you. Which is why I have this page.


How do I get started?


Call me at 630-589-4752 or e-mail me at You can also find me and message me on Linkedin, Twitter (@michaelswindell), Instagram (@michael.l.swindell) or Facebook (@michaelswindellcoaching). We will set up a time to discuss what you are looking for in coaching and whether or not MSC is the right fit for you in this season. You will find that I am very willing to refer you to other reputable coaching organizations if MSC is not the best fit.


What does the Overall process look like?


Michael Swindell Coaching has a specific and intentional plan to help you gain greater clarity and confidence in life and leadership. At the same time, each client has unique needs and aspirations they bring to the coaching process. Thus, while I seek to move clients through various "check points" of clarity (e.g. a Primary Task, Core Values, etc.), each meeting can be tailored to address real time needs.

In order to jump start the process, each client is required to purchase and take at least four personality tests so that I can research you before we begin. These tests are as follows: StrengthsFinder 2.0, StandOut 2.0, Meyers-Briggs equivalent (, and an Enneagram test of their choice. 


What does each individual meeting consist of?


Each client's situation is unique, and life does not always give us a heads up as to what is coming next. So, each meeting will seek to build off of the prior one, but stays flexible to meet real time demands. Expect each meeting to begin with a question like this:

"Is there something you would most like to accomplish today?"

If not, I will come prepared with many different options for helping your grow in clarity and confidence.


How much does this cost?


While prices are relatively stable, there are possible discounts given to both those in full-time ministry and those who are also support-raising. In addition to the meeting costs, there is the cost of purchasing any of the four required personality tests you have not completed in the last five years. To find out more information about the cost of the bundles, contact me directly for a FREE, NO-PRESSURE 30-MINUTE coaching call.

Note: Only after an initial bundle is a longer-term (6-12 month) relationship considered.


Are there any discounts?


Occasionally MSC will offer percentages off. Yet, most discounts will go to those in full time ministry or support-raising roles. 


Do you coach women?


Just like men, it involves a phone call to see if it is a good fit. Sometimes it is, and other times it is not. Bottom-line: yes.


What type of clients benefit the most?


Clients who have a high motor, leadership gifting, and a desire to make the most out of life and ministry are best served by MSC. Also, anyone struggling with questions around identity, calling, and gifting are well-served by the coaching process.

In addition, if you are seeking to honor God more fully, but do not know what the next step is, coaching is a great way to process this season of transition. Having been a pastor (Wheaton, IL and Tyler, TX) as well as working in personal finances (Wheaton, IL / Oak Brook, IL / Chicago, IL), having run a coaching business (St. Louis, MO/Bloomington, IL/Tyler, TX) and having helped my wife run her business (, I have experience working with hundreds of individuals of many ages and backgrounds. My deep biblical and theological training in addition to my varied denominational past give me an added advantage for ministry leaders unsure of their current role, church or denominational affiliation. 


do you have a statement of faith?


Although you may have specific questions that I am happy to answer, I would say that the words conservative, continuationist, baptist, reformed, and missional all apply more-or-less. In addition I would affirm the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, the Wheaton College Statement of Faith, and the Foundation Documents of The Gospel Coalition.


If I want to be coached, do i get to be coached?


Not necessarily. A pre-coaching interview is required to make sure that your desire to be coached and my coaching abilities are a great match. There are some people who want coaching, but need counseling. Others want coaching, but need a different type than I offer. And still others may have sufficient theological differences that would make a Christ-centered, Bible-based coaching relationship impossible. It is my hope that both you and I enter into any professional relationship with confidence that we can succeed.


Are you currently taking new clients?




Is the free, no-pressure coaching call really free and no pressure?


Yes and Yes. Your information is not given to third parties—ever.


Personal Note: Look, I have been in pressured sales environments and HATED IT. I do not want to put you through that. Also, this is a true coaching call where I will do my best for you in the 30 minutes we have together. What's the worst case scenario? You get free coaching. Best case? You have found your best next step in the process of enjoying God and glorifying Him forever.