Professional Biography

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From Oklahoma farming...

My childhood was full of great examples of professional hard word and God-centered, prayerful enterprise. One of these examples was my maternal grandfather's farm, The Goodson Ranch, near Blackwell, OK. This blessed earth became my professional training ground as I learned patience, work ethic, integrity and joyful production from my Papa and Nana, along with my Uncle Tom, Aunt Laurie and their hired co-laborers. The farm was my first employer and set the stage for everything else I've done. big city finances

By 2009 I had already begun my short-lived career in personal financial services, learning what it feels like to run all day with little to no affirmation, hoping you were not wasting all your energies for nothing. Then a recruiter found me and sold me on the idea of financially advising in one of the premier financial services firms in Chicago. From April 2009 until October 2010 I learned how to create and manage wealth-building plans for the long-haul as I partnered with The McTigue (now McQuade) Financial Group. Yet, I continually found myself dissatisfied. Ultimately, my holy discontent led me to leave a lucrative future for the humble post of the pastorate. the church

From August of 2011-April 2015 the Lord graciously taught me to love, disciple, and pray people into the image of Christ at Antioch Community Church in Wheaton. Here I served in various roles including: member of the Senior Leadership Team, Staff Manager (i.e. Coach), Young Adults Pastor, College Pastor and member of the Teaching Team. It was in the furnace of ministry that God grew my heart for developing personal development and leadership resources that would combine the best of secular thinking with the best of gospel-centered theology. Hoping to eventually obtain further schooling, I was sent with the blessing of our core leadership team to continue studies at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

...To coaching

Upon leaving Antioch Wheaton, the current worship pastor asked me if I'd be willing to coach her in my spare time on an on-going basis. Floored by the honor, but excited for the challenge, I accepted the invitation. Over the past 3 years (as of July 2018) the Lord has continued to bless this personal development and leadership ministry with not only this worship leader, but also with a Chicagoland church-planter, another worship leader, a personal trainer and entrepreneur, and others hoping to clarify their unique mission so as to glorify God with confidence and fruitfulness. Without any advertising or marketing the Lord was growing my opportunities to help leaders joyfully and confidently follow Jesus in all areas of life.

...until today

Today I am continuing to follow the leading of the Spirit in Tyler, TX, building Michael Swindell Coaching as deep and wide as possible to see that more and more leaders clarify, focus on and track what is most important.

If you have any questions about my personal or professional past, I'd be happy to answer them.

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