What is the cohort option for MSC?

This option is for a leadership team, a small group or even a group of friends who want to maximize their joy in God by clarifying their unique identity and confidently living their unique mission.

What is the appropriate size of the cohort?

The size of the cohort can range between 3 and 12 members.

What is the cost of the cohort compared to the personal coaching options?

It depends upon the size of the cohort, but there will be a significant reduction in the per-person cost since the total of the group will be greater. 

What would the process entail?

The cohort model is currently tailored to walk a group of individuals through the Divine Design Process together. However, if you are seeking group coaching for a specific ministry-related issue, we can talk about this in a pre-coaching interview.

Why would I want to do a cohort model as opposed to a personal coaching bundle?

Community is essential to your process of maximizing your joy in God by clarifying your unique identity and living your unique mission. Even in the personal coaching process you will be asked to "interview" some of your closest family and friends. However, the value of community is amplified in a cohort process where you are able to work through a process with already-established relationships. This added accountability and camaraderie can result in greater clarity, more confidence, and higher levels of joy. Not to mention, it's cheaper.

Basically: a more communal process with lesser costs.