Mission Statement

Some Practicals for Developing a Mission Statement

In my last blog post, we looked at the value of discovering and writing down our unique purpose in life by way of a personal mission statement. Below are some questions to get you started in a more focused way.

In order to obtain a rough draft of a mission statement, I encourage you to think through these questions and write a rough draft mission statement with no more than 20 words.


  • In light of how God has designed your personal gifts and talents, how would you best be able to partner with God, and God’s people, to fulfill God’s mission of making disciples of all nations?
  • What is something you would love to do 40 hours per week every week for the rest of your life?
  • What is something big enough to take your entire life to accomplish while being specific enough that only you (think 1/1000 people) can do it?
  • What are 10 words you would use to describe your core values? (e.g. personal development, love, friendship, unity, etc.)
  • What are 10 words you would use to describe your core competencies? (e.g. writing, editing, inspiring, administrating, etc.)
  • What are you doing when you are most alive? When time flies? When your energy soars and your emotions are joyfully engaged?
  • Which life accomplishments are you most proud of? What does this tell you about the way you are wired? About what you value?
  • Who are some of your biggest heroes and why?
  • What do you want to be remembered for? Why?
  • Is there a particular demographic you want to serve? (e.g. refugees, politicians, divorcees, children, etc.)

Requirements of a Great Mission Statement:       After reading your rough draft aloud,

  • you feel inspired.
  • it makes sense 
  • your two best friends would agree with it
  • you realize that doing this will take your entire life
  • you can think of—at most—only one other person in your life who would have a mission statement very similar
  • you would become your own biggest hero if you were to actually fulfill your mission statement for a lifetime
  • you can memorize it quickly
  • you realize that you CAN do it in EVERY season of life, to one degree or another

Some Examples:

  • To joyfully identify, inspire, equip and send Spirit-led leaders who make disciple-making disciples and plant church-planting churches in all nations
  • To live with Christ in the impossible
  • I was born to bring about reconciliation between two or more parties with long-term, traumatic conflicts
  • Reforming the American Church toward personal holiness
  • Teaching the next generation of church leaders how to faithfully shepherd the people of God entrusted to them
  • To glorify God through developing artists in the inner city of Detroit
  • I’m determined to craft excellent, inspiring music for the global, urban context
  • To bring systematic changes to the court system of the State of Georgia to increase justice

Do You Have a Personal Mission Statement?

My personal mission statement is this:

To identify, inspire, equip and send Spirit-led leaders who make disciple-making disciples and plant church-planting churches in all nations.

A more compressed version is this:

To mobilize apostolic leaders and movements.

Or, most simply:

To mobilize leaders.

The personal mission statement is not about you. It is about how you partner with God for the mission of God, in light of your divinely-given design. Thus, the mission statement seeks—through a long-term process of discernment—to clarify how you, in light of your divinely-given design, best partner with God for the mission of God. The result should be a clear and captivating declaration of your God-given, unique mission on earth.

Discerning this personal mission statement, thus, requires some pre-work. It requires, firstly, that you have a core, biblical framework for the person and character of God. This Triune God of the Bible—Father, Son, Holy Spirit—is not only the foundation for your mission statement but for the entire world, seen and unseen.

And it also requires a second understanding: before you were born with the desire for mission, God had already been on a cosmic mission of glorifying Himself by redeeming and reconciling the world to himself in Christ. You are alive because of God’s mission; your end, in some form or another, will be encompassed in the grand narrative of God’s mission to be completed at the return of Christ. 

The question is, how will you BEST partner with God for HIS mission

To best answer this question, you must be aware of many different facets of how you are put together, including: aptitudes, skills, passions, family history and personal experiences.

Aptitudes: What are you naturally the best at doing?

Skills: What are your most strongly developed skills?

Passions: What are you most passionate about?

Family History: What about your family history positively, negatively or neutrally impacts your view of the world?

Personal Experiences: How do your personal life experiences shape and influence your understanding of your personal call to mission?

By taking the time to answer these questions and beginning to write down a few words about what seems to be your unique mission, you will see your motivation, growth and fruitfulness begin to take off. Each time you determine to discover and clarify why God put you on earth you will be adding value to yourself, your family, your friends and (this is not too much to say) the world.

If you do not have a personal mission statement, then I would urge you—at all costs—to take the time and effort, spend the resources, develop the relationships and do whatever else is necessary to discover yours. It is that important.

God is about the great work of glorifying Himself by redeeming and reconciling the world to Himself in Christ. You are a part of that mission. But, how so? Your answer will set the course of your life, legacy and eternity. 

What is your next step?

Take one hour today to craft a very rough draft mission statement. Show it to your spouse, best friend and/or mentor. Determine to keep working on it until you are completely satisfied with the result.

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