A Prayer for Christians with a Leadership Gift

Pray with me:

Father, I praise you, for you are the good, gracious and loving Creator. You are worthy of glory and honor and praise, because you created all things and by your will they were created and have their being. The heavens declare your glory; the skies proclaim the work of your hands. There is no one a glorious as you, whether in heaven above or on earth below. You are the glorious, holy, righteous God.

Because you are good, you created all things good. You gave one type of goodness to animals and another to the trees, one goodness to the oceans and another to the earth. And although humans were made a little lower than the angels, you crowned us with your glorious image. You bestowed upon us relationship and reason, laughter and joy. 

For those whom you have called to lead, give them humility. May they not look only to their interests, but to the interests of others. May they exhibit kindness, bearing with the weak in all patience. Send trials their way to grow in wisdom and godliness. Let their leadership shine before others that they may glorify you on the day of visitation. Purify their hearts to seek first your kingdom and righteousness. 

Give your leaders clarity. May it be crystal clear what the next step is for themselves, their families and their organizations. Give them charity. Let their decisions be full of love and grace. Give them diligence. Empower them by your Spirit to forbear the tasks given to them. Give them provision. Teach them to rejoice in the abundant, kingdom life of Christ. Give them support. Surround them with covenant friends and caring followers. 

Forgive your leaders in your mercy for their pride and stubbornness. May your kindness lead them to repentance (quickly!). Show them their faults that they may confess their sins to you and others.

Thank you, Father, for you hear the prayers of the ones you have declared righteous. You will accomplish your purposes in this earth and the new earth to come. You will see to it that your glory is manifest and our joy is complete. You will lead us as we lead others until that great and glorious day of your coming. To you, Oh Lord, be all glory and praise, through Christ, Amen.