Let God Be God So You Can Be You

God spoke and the world came into existence (Gen 1). God became human in Christ and overwhelmed sin, death and hell (John 11:25; Heb 2:14). God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy (Rom 9:18). God has done, is doing and will do things that are too marvelous to comprehend, let alone try to accomplish with human strength. 

Bluntly: God is God and we are not.

So when it comes to determining how to think about your unique identity and unique mission, you must begin with God. God is both the Creator and Redeemer. Thus, for those of us who are in Christ, we must think about our identity through this lens.

1) God is the Creator

As the Creator, God has the right to command us as he wishes and to use us as he pleases. We only have rights insofar as they are given by God. In the biblical view, there is no such thing as "human rights" apart from those rights given by God to humanity. Humans do not determine our rights; God does. Democratic processes may form legally binding agreements between humans, but God's claim on our lives is the supreme law that oversees all people in all places and at all times. Whenever the "human rights" of the world collide with God-given rights, the God-given rights are what should govern. 

What does this mean for your unique identity?

It means you are the created of God. Just as each work of art is uniquely crafted, so are you. You have been given a uniqueness in at least the following ways: family of origin, genetic make-up, skin pigmentation, facial features, experiences, location of birth and home, desires, and talents. All of these make up your unique identity, but they must all be seen as designed by God's sovereign plan. And, all this is for your good (Rom 8:28) and His glory (Isaiah 43:7). 

What does this mean for your unique mission?

Living your unique mission, therefore, means living in accordance with the design given to you by your Creator. This means that you cannot "create your identity" or "choose your identity." To truly glorify God and enjoy His love is to trust that the way He created you is best for you and for others. Part of abiding in Christ (John 15:1-11) and "bearing much fruit" is learning how God has wired you, and then strategically aligning your time, energy and resources to this uniqueness. 

For example, it would be futile for 99.9999% of 5'1" men in the United States to attempt to make the NBA (It's not 100%, because, well, miracles do happen.). On the other hand, if you are 6'8" in high school and love playing sports, are surrounded by good coaching and had a father who played in the NBA, your unique design is probably telling you to pursue some form of athletics. 

2) God is the Redeemer

Again, for those who are in Christ, who have repented of our sins and turned to Christ as our only hope for forgiveness and everlasting salvation, God is also the Redeemer. This means God has a "double claim" on your life. Not only are you to obey, because He is your Creator, but because he has rescued you from your present sinfulness and eternal damnation (Rom 6:23; Matt 25:31-46). 

What does this mean for my unique identity?

This means that you have specific sin patterns that God has rescued you from. It means that you were on a specific path to destruction that the Holy Spirit lifted you from to put you on a path of righteousness, joy and peace (Rom 14:17). It means that God has redeemed you and not only those in Christ. Taking the time to dwell on this reality should result in praise and thanksgiving to God.

What does this mean for my unique mission?

Your redemption, like your design, is connected to your calling. Where have you been rescued? Where have the addictions been broken? If you were still following "the ways of the world", where would you be? Think about it. More than likely, it is there were God will send you to partner with Him in "seeking and saving the lost." 

Now, it's one thing to know that God is our Creator and Redeemer. It is another thing to carefully, intentionally and prayerfully connect the dots to everyday life. This is why I am passionate about Michael Swindell Coaching. Everyone needs coaching to perform at there best in any area of life. It is no different as you seek to understand who you are and live out your unique mission. 

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