You (Might) Need Coaching

You need coaching, because everyone who was or is or will be successful needs coaching. They have needed, do need and will need lots of coaching for as long as they want to remain successful.

Top football players have position coaches, an offensive or defensive coordinator and a head coach. Top tennis players have a team that includes a head coach, hitting partners and physical training and nutrition help. Top executives have coaches. Top coaches have coaches. Top writers have coaches (the best writers choose my wife (see: to coach them...just saying :). Top moms have mentors who they look up to. Top chefs were drilled and trained by the best. 

So, you might need coaching. I suppose it is better to say this: you only need coaching if you want to be truly great at something. So let me ask: Do you want to be truly great at something?

If you answer "Yes!" then you need coaching. And the sooner you get it, the better you'll be. 

I came to this realization myself not long ago. After years of wishing for a "spiritual father" to come along, tell me how gifted I was and give me a posh position on his church or non-profit staff, I basically came to this realization: I can either continue to wish that someone would show up, or I could actively pray and seek out people who could help me. Though costly, I choose the latter. And, wouldn't you guess, he turned out to be exactly the type of person I needed for a season ( 

But here is why coaching is costly: because it is worth it. The New England Patriots don't riot against Bill Belichick's salary, because he is expensive. He is worth it. The University of Michigan's Football Team became the first collegiate team to pay not just the head coach, but the head coach and both the offensive and defensive coordinator's over a million per year. They are worth it. 

Successful leaders recognize that the cost of coaching pails in comparison with the cost of missed growth and opportunity if they don't get coaching.

For all of my adult life I have been coaching in some form or fashion. Whether I was coaching high schoolers in youth group or the staff at the church I was a pastor at or the individual leaders I've professionally coached over the last 24 months, I have been helping develop others into the man or woman God created and called them to become. It is a passion of mine to see leaders understand their identity, their passions, their strengths and weaknesses and the unique mission they've been entrusted with on earth.

And the leaders I've coached have improved. Significantly. Because God has graced me with the ability to help leaders clarify their vision and clarify their strategy for reaching that vision. The same growth and development they've experienced I want you to experience. Sooner than later.

If you are a leader who wants to more confidently love God, love others and fulfill God's mission within your divine design...then I want to coach you. I want to help you understand yourself, understand your mission and go partner with God to make it happen. 

You can reach me on my cell: 630-589-4752. 

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So let me ask you again: do you want to be truly great at something? Do you want to be truly great at loving God and loving others through your divine design?

Yes? Let's talk.