I entered into a coaching relationship with Michael and found his questions, recommendations, resources, and listening ear extremely helpful. He quickly reached an understanding of my goals, who I am, and what I needed. With Michael’s help I’ve found myself thinking and acting more clearly about my objectives. Would highly recommend Michael as a coach.
— Matt Sweetman, Lead Pastor, Destination Church, Chicago, IL

Many leaders have high levels of passion, commitment and integrity.

And yet, they are uncertain. They find themselves asking the question:


"Is what I'm doing with my life the best thing I could be doing?"


They wonder:


"Is there something I could be doing that would allow me to be more effective, more fruitful and more joyful?"


They search for answers from Scriptures and feel stumped.


"What has God made me for?"


They read blogs about discerning God's will and conclude, 


"That's great general advice, but what about my specific situation?"


They may have some wise mentors in their life, but no one is intensively focused on their development. They wonder:


"When will someone focus on my development so that I can flourish?"


"Is intentional coaching what I am missing in order to move forward?"


They are inwardly propelled to discover the answer to this question:


"Which path in life will lead to my greatest joy and God's greatest glory?"


It is for these leaders that Michael Swindell Coaching exists.


When you partner with MSC, we can, together, discover the clarity you need to maximize your joy and live your unique life mission for the glory of God.

Michael has a very rare combination of being a proactive helpful coach who works a proven system while also integrating the ability to listen well and custom-cater his coaching to individual needs. He speaks not just as an outside consultant, but as a fellow journeyman on the road to whole and effective living.
— Mike Filicicchia, House Leader at New Life Church, Ann Arbor, MI

What Makes MSC Standout from other coaching services?


1) MSC is committed to a Christ-centered, God-glorifying foundation for all our coaching services. MSC seeks to help its clients continually develop a passion for Jesus and His purposes to be fulfilled in their lives.

2) MSC focuses first on identity development and then on missional development. One former coach of mine (David Loveless) was prone to say, "When you know who you are, you'll know what to do." He is right. Only when we know who we are can we clearly see what we must do.

3) MSC both helps you formulate a future vision and then strategically complete it. MSC holds to a Divine Design Process that allows clients to clarify their unique identity and confidently live their unique mission. Yet, it does not end with this process. Rather, you may also receive on-going coaching to help you implement the fruits of the Divine Design Process.

4) MSC is affordable. Some coaching investments start at $5,000 with an annual commitment. MSC's time frames and prices, while not overly short or cheap, are far more manageable for most leaders looking to take the next step in their personal development.

5) MSC offers on-going communication in between meetings. You will have the ability to text, e-mail, Vox or call while being able to expect a reasonably quick reply to pressing issues.


“My coaching time with Michael has far exceeded my expectations. Our time together is productive, purposeful and pray-filled His commitment to to helping me find my strengths, define my core values and clarify my unique mission statement, to better partner with God in the family business, has been incredible. Michael has a strong theological background with an enormous heart to glorify God. He demonstrates this by pouring into his clients and building them up in Truth. Michael is a talented coach and someone you will want to learn from.”
— Alexis Macino, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

What do leaders need Most?

An unbiased, encouraging, motivating and Christ-centered coach with the ability to help them clarify their personal story, strengths and weaknesses, passions, values and divinely-given purpose.


Is that all?

Nope. They also need someone who will help them translate their unique story, strengths and weaknesses, passions, values and divinely-given purpose into a particular season of life. It is enjoyable to learn about who we are and what we are called to do, but ultimately unfruitful unless we also know how to translate our identity and mission into a particular season of life. 


Anything else?

Yes! Leaders also need an organizational system that is easy to learn, easy to implement, easy to customize. They need a system of vision-casting and goal-setting that keeps them focused on the main thing in each new season of life.


What is the greatest benefit of Michael SWIndell Coaching?

At the end of the day, all Christian leaders want to glorify God and enjoy him forever. In his supreme goodness, God has made clear in the Scriptures this truth: 

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him."

As we clarify the unique identity and unique mission God has given you to fulfill, your joy in Him will increase. As your joy in God increases, He will receive greater glory. In working with MSC, you will receive a dedicated, professional, and skillful partner in your pursuit of joyful leadership to the glory of God.

Why do i need a unique identity anD mission? Isn't my identity and mission in christ?

For a Christian leader to maximize his joy in God, he must clarify a number of issues. At his or her best, he or she will be able to know and understand the answer to these eight questions:

1) Who is God?

2) What is God's mission?

3) Who is the global Church?

4) What is the global Church's mission?

5) Who is my local church?

6) What is my local church's mission?

7) Who am I?

8) What is my unique mission?

In short, MSC focuses on answering the last two questions and then helping Christian leaders walk this understanding out in their current context as they prepare for the future. Find out MSC's answers to the first 6, foundational questions by clicking the button below.

"MSC sounds great, but what about..."


1) "My boss." You can win regardless of the current leadership over you, but if you are consistently thwarted in your growth, we can devise a plan to move you into a role more suitable to your talents, passions and calling. My large professional network is at your disposal.


2) "The cost." My coaching is less than half the cost of many life-planning or personal coaching services. Moreover, I won't leave you after we clarify identity, talents, passions and a strategic plan to fulfill your vision. My costs allow you to keep me as we work together to achieve your goals. Nobody wants a "Life Plan" that sits on a shelf; you want a coach to help you implement that plan. Besides, who wants to pay upwards of $1,000 to "see if a life plan is worth it"?


3) "Your lack of certifications." Guilty! But, my motivated, clear and fruitful clients don't seem to mind. In fact, they have never asked me about it once. I'll take fruitful results over certifications...wouldn't you? If you want to talk with one of my clients, just ask.


4) "Counseling." Good point. I will counsel you in a sense, but I'm not a professional counselor. Yet, I have been to counseling and am happy to suggest that you may need counseling more than coaching. Both are valid. It may be that you need to do counseling more than coaching. 


5) "Discipleship through my church." You probably would not have read this far if you were getting all you felt you needed through your church. That being said, it is God's best that you should get the majority of your discipleship under a gospel-preaching church with godly elders and a commitment to the Word of God and prayer. It is also true that, depending on your season of life, you may also need a more intensive form of discipleship, and that is what I bring to the table. In addition, many who need coaching are pastors within networks or denominations where they are not getting the personal coaching they need to thrive. You may need an outside voice.


6) "But..." If you have any other questions or concerns, we should talk. Call me: 630-589-4752. Or, e-mail: michael.swindell@gmail.com.

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